PikoButton is a high quality and extremely durable ability switch. It is made of light weight yet durable materials to stand up to the constant use and abuse an ability switch must endure.

PikoButton is a single activation switch. PikoDual is a dual activation switch, meaning it can be used to perform two different actions.

PikoButton and PikoDual come in 9 different colors: red, green, blue, yellow, orange, black, white, gold and silver.

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Pikobutton product images

PikoButton and PikoDual come in two different sizes:

  • Diameter: 30 mm / 1,18"
  • Diameter: 50 mm /  2"

Both PikoButton and PikoDual are available in 3 activation forces:

  • Light: 75 g / 2,6 oz
  • Medium: 125 g / 4,4 oz
  • Stiff: 250 g / 8,8 oz

Water Resistant PikoButton can be used outside in the rain, to call a nurse when in shower etc.

Water Resistant PikoButton is available in three colors (black, blue, red) and with activation force of 125 g / 4,4 oz.

FingerButton is a small single action switch that is placed around a finger with flexible Velcro tape. It is easy to use and extra sensitive.

FingerButton is extremely suitable for people with little strength. FingerDual is equally sensitive but has two functions.

Both FingerButton and FingerDual are activated with the press of thumb


Colors: Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow.

Size: 17 x 49 mm

Activaton force: 125 g

Weight: 18 g

Fisso adapter for PB30, PB50

Pikobutton M6 inner thread adapter for Fisso holding system.

Manfrotto adapter for PB30, PB50

Pikobutton 1/4" outer thread adapter for Manfrotto holding system.

Manfrotto adapter for PB30, PB50

Pikobutton 3/8" outer thread adapter for Manfrotto holding system.


Y-Cable splitter for connecting Pikodual or Fingerdual switch to single switch inputs.

Who We Are

Comp-Aid Oy has merged to a new company Haltija Group Oy 1st of September, 2016.

Consequently, we have taken the name HALTIJA to be used in all marketing and communication.

Haltija is leading Finnish assistive technology company with over 100 employees. We have formed a new entity able to fulfill customers' needs in a broader scale in the field of assistive solutions and to provide better reach into Finnish markets for you as our valued partner.

Haltija is a Finnish word with two parallel meanings:

i) It refers to the one that owns or possesses and

ii) It refers to an elf, a sprite or a fairy. In Finnish mythology, haltija was known to guard, help or protect something or somebody.

Our mission is to assist people to live rich, independent lives and to reach their full potential regardless of one's limitations.

The new name is reflecting our mission as we help our customers to own and be in charge of their lives and as an expert organisation we are time to time able to make miracles. The company has a broad spectrum of experts serving the customer nationwide and the best assistive products in the market, serving customers' needs comprehensively.

Haltija headquarters are located in Vantaa. We serve customers nationwide from our offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Vaasa, Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Oulu.

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All contracts including their terms and conditions have been automatically forwarded to the new company Haltija Group Oy from the September the 1st 2016 onwards.

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